Joy in Lord

O Lord the humble won’t inherit earth
Unless for their humbleness they fight
Fighting fighting fighting fighting
O lord protect our meekness
O Lord protect


Slaughtering the innocent
Washing the blood off their hands
And working for the universal brotherhood
O lord teach me to persist in my folly
To become wise
Kneel and chant
Prayer stronger than a lion
Vilest terror and sorrow vanish
As we pray
Praise the lord to the end!
Pray well, humble heart!
Our solid flesh melts and melts
Fie on the nuclear war! O, fie!
This is Satan in disguise


From the golden bough of your soul
Sing and adore Him
O Lord, gather us into the ecstasy
O, may we live like sages
Rooted in love of Jesus
This flame of love
This clearest insight
Through century after century Jesus is
Our single defence against the prowling wolf

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The Perfect Prayer

The strangest thing!
Jesus is here with you
Two in one
Touch him
Visionary moment
To all I appeal
It is time!
You won’t be the same
As you meet Jesus
Let the soul sing
‘No! Never! Stop!
Never I shall be violent.’


‘There is a problem’
“What problem?’
“I don’t know
How to pray
I have never prayed.’
‘That’s easy
Feed the hungry
Help the orphans
Best prayer
No sunlight better than this.’

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10/10/10: a global party against global warming

10/10/10: a global party against global warming

I’m answering questions
Mahalo Answers!

View my latest answers…


Global warming
I know what thou art
temperatures soar and soar
tainting our sweetest joy and love
tainting trees and flowers of divine scent and hue


Environmentalist Mckibben
finds a solution:
10/10 Global Work Party
across the globe
nobel Laureate Maathai is with us
Eleen Page is with us


Put on a rally
create awareness among ignorant mankind
protect beloved earth
grassroots level
protect our friend earth
from poisonous hunter
thunderstorm of nuclear waste


remember the date
O earth, be comforted
relief is near if we act
O political sharks
eight tons
forty-feet long
Act. Share the tears of earth


Pakistan floods
Gulf of Mexico
warn you
furies and gloomy days
encompass you around
repent and pray
‘Lord, forgive us
we are knaves and fools
we didn’t know
what we were doing’.


Plant more trees
community gardens
for see the hounds
of global warming are just visible
remember the date

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Sweet Restorer, Faith

Sweet Restorer, Faith

Unselfish Love
strong tower, our strength
our defence merciful
strong rock Jesus
my life, my faith, my truth

Nietzsche accepts the unacceptable
outcast exalts evil
I’m different
my superman is Christ
captain of my mind

Lord’s joy-holy spirit
our helper advises
angels near chapel windows listen
everything perishes
mount zion abideth

scanty intelligence unable to find
terrorist’s whereabouts
lingering death
call holy prophets

among blooming wilds
shaman meditating
boughs whisper
I salute the blowing flowers
great Tibetan Lama is here

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A Poem of the Earth’s Last Days

A Poem of the Earth’s Last Days

for Terry Collett, Richard Lynn Livesay, Rene Allen, wendy c.

That beast wretched

Blame the foul monster

With distaste for love

It’s Satan’s terror o’er all earth

Furious with His incarnation

Invents new strategy for nuclear war

New weapons, new nuclear plants

New operative plans empowering extremist nations

Where terrorism is a divine signal

Where the young suicide bombers are brainwashed

A blow to the lamb. No.


Now Christ thee save,

Thou reverent believer!

I pray, O Lord

Let not the Devil kill

The faithful with truest heart

Let no radiation paralyze them


Our lord won’t allow extinction of earth

In one moment millions will disappear

The sun and moon will be darkened

As we have sinned

And divine wrath will devour us

In such tribulation

Prince of Peace

Coming on the clouds of heaven

Protects the faithful and believers

All were swept away

By the hail of shells and missiles

Only the believers

Only the Virgins with candles ready

Saved by a lighted beacon

An exact replica of resurrected rose


Amid nuclear holocaust

Jesus protecting his sheep

Global civilization crumbles

Earth melts and disappears

The chosen few escorted by His hands to

Eden where with one loaf

He feeds the thousand

Provides them living quarters

Safe from Tartar

Horde of nuclear radiation

Non-believers are left behind.

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Reading Myself: one-line haiku

Reading Myself

one-line haiku

“English-language haiku tend to be written in three lines, corresponding to the metrical division of Japanese haiku, but Japanese haiku are actually usually printed in a single vertical column. By way of analogy with this form, poets such as Matsuo Allard and Marlene Mountain began writing English haiku in a single horizontal line—and thanks to their efforts that form has become established in English as the major alternative to the typical three-liner.”-Allan Burns


open the strait gate to find endless beatitude


i drop the mask as I converse with cross


silence of evening is pious time


the great war ends and pestilence comes


wandering monk grows up doing nothing


simply my real self will make me live


adore jesus with your every breath


in the kingdom of jesus don’t abuse me


red rose feels lost in madding crowd


virtue is nailed at the cross, and Barabbas goes free


better than thousand words is rain


five million unemployed youth fast unto death


sun teaches us to give, and not count the cost


base of the hill in deep woods greets shaman


my pain grows deeper watching the woods where the trees had been

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No Jargon of Plato, Aristotle

No Jargon of Plato, Aristotle

A person who is fundamentally honest doesn’t need a code of ethics. The Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount are all the ethical code anybody needs. – Harry S. Truman

for Bernard C., Katryn D., Brenda Youngerman


No jargon of Plato, Aristotle

No Nietzsche

No Kant

Only simple truth I have in mind

Solid truth

Sermon on the Mount takes care of us


No Freud, no Marx

I find the key

A golden key

There it is

Ten Commandments

Nuclear powers will shiver

They don’t know what they are doing


What are you waiting for

How far away from truth you are

The solution , find at last

Think of the Ten Commandments

Beautiful earth is paralyzed

Because you don’t remember Sermon on the Mount

Because you don’t remember Ten Commandments

Come home out of dragon’s trap

Come home


You say: we cannot waste time

I told you we have no other way

Be righteous, humble, pure in heart


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