Ariel: New Haiku

Ariel: New Haiku

“Like fishing, to catch haiku you have to go where they are. Unlike fish, haiku are everywhere. Still, you have to know the secret places out in plain sight where they hide and how to get there quickly and quietly.’-Jane Reichfold

blood of the rose
perfume stronger than all things
cross, be thou my sun

brook water dances
it has legs-
subtle motion

a lone wide moor
solitary sparrow sings
the song is my poem

express train racing
through heavy rain
little boy imitates

snowy hills
keep me alive
daily life obstructs

melodious song
bird warbles with ease
forgets to tell us why

mystery of galaxy
communes with me
i steal pleasure

flash of lightning
delays the moon
afraid of thunderstorm

heavy steel plane
drops the bomb-
pure air stares

rain drops on
orphan child’s cheek
love mixed with tears

noise polluted world:
bird’s music
oases in the desert

two hearts
single emotion-
something burns there

glitter of child’s eye
empowers her-
mother caressing

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Reflections on the Haiti Victims

Reflections on the Haiti Victims

According to the Haitian Government report, due to Hati earthquake an estimated 230,000 people had died, 300,000 had been injured and 1,000,000 made homeless. Mass graves were dug, but Max Beauvoir, a Vodou priest, was not in favor of the Mass graves: “ It is not in our culture to bury people in such a fashion, it is desecration”.

Appeals to help the Haiti victims were made by several organisatios and UNO. Several nations sent medicine, food packets, water containers to help the victims.90% buildings were damaged or destroyed.
After this catastrophe, the great Nature poet Wordsworth won’t glorify Nature by describing it as the best teaher gaurdian and philosopher.

U.S. President Barack Obama declared that former presidents Bill Clinton, , and George W. Bush would coordinate efforts to raise funds to help the Haiti victims .

UNICEF spokesperson said, “We’re all overwhelmed with the response to Charlie’s bike ride. We’ve never known anything like it. We’ve never had anyone raise £60,000 in one day for us before.” The most remarkable fact is that Charlie’s little cycle round the park with his dad has turned into something a lot bigger than that and we can’t believe it,” his mother said. In March 2010, Charlie was able to collect £210,000. The whole world is proud of Charlie.

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Floriana Hall as a Short Story Writer

Floriana Hall as a Short Story Writer

A Review of “Out of the Ordinary Short Stories”

(Published by Ist Books, USA, 2002, pp. 200, ISBN 1-4033-6026-X)

Poe understood very well the significance of “invention, creation, imagination, originality” in fictional literature. We notice these characteristics in nonfiction and fictional short stories by Floriana Hall. The stories depict life in its real complexities, and “convey definite inspirational messages. ” The stories are remarkable for their variety. “Of Prayer and Angels” reveals her belief in angels. The story is full of tenderness and pity, as the author illustrates how her faith in God was intensified at the age of seven in the summer of 1934. “The out-of body experience had a definite effect on my life…” “Shaun’s Quest” is a children’s story, which teaches tolerance.

“One Day Later” is about the horror of the terrorist attack on Sept 11, 2001. The most brutal tragedy perpetrated by the air-borne suicide missions shook the very fabric of culture and human values. Floriana, the versatile author, has also included several of her poems. What emerges from her poem “America Under Attack” is the intensity of feeling at the terrorist attack:

The children are having trouble sleeping,

Families of victims are still weeping,

Nightmares of blasts of fire and ashes

Invading their dreams like whipping lashes.



The refrain AMERICA UNDER ATTACK adds to the artistic excellence of the poem. The stirring emotion of the poem is matchless. The stories will “help people cope in similar situations.” Floriana says: “In the scheme of things, I am just an ordinary person like everyone else, but I believe I have been inspired to write to help others. ”

She is an extraordinary painter of life and manners, and there is an inherent moral purpose in most of the stories. Floriana asked herself: “What could I do, other than what I had already done, to help ensure that the world might be a better place for my having walked there?”


Floriana Hall (b.1927) Author, Poet, Editor, Lyricist from Akron, Ohio, USA. Married to Robert E. Hall for 59 years, five children, nine grandchildren. Six inspirational books, four of them poetry. Many short stories and winning poems published online and in five monthly or quarterly magazines. Teacher of poetry for under YOU, ME, AND POETRY. Founder and coordinater of THE POET’S NOOK, a group of talented local poets who promote the art of poetry and help others with a mission each year. They meet once a month at Cuyahoga Falls Library. For a good read, her books may be accessed at Contact:

-Santosh Kumar

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Sohan Quadri as a Prophetic Poet


A Critical Review of AFORISMER
by Santosh Kumar

(Aforismer, published by Ornnens Forlag, Denmark, 1995, pp. 64, ISBN 87 87 412 83 7)

Sohan Quadri’s Aforismer is a bilingual publication in English & Danish. No doubt, Qadri reveals his capacity for presenting themes marked by prophetic and sublime quality conveying an overwhelming interest and deep import to an individual soul. Such pregnant meditations and concise observations will cling to the memory .For example:

“The answer dances

when the questioner dies

in the question.”

“The only courage is

to watch and witness

the false face fall.”

“Know thy feet twice,

retreat a step-

to know thyself.”

“The talker

of blessings

is unblessed.”

In all these aphoristic quotations, we notice Qadri’s breadth of intellect. Aforismer has very high qualities of proverbial expressions written with great precision and clarity. Sohan Qadri’s eyes are fixed upon the sober enquiry of truth, and he has relied on being able to investigate his deepest intensities in quest for epiphanies. Aforismer is the poetic “exhibition of psychiatry at work”. The author has pondered deeply over ‘all this unintelligible world’ (Wordsworth, Tintern Abbey), and probed sincerely in the history of his own mind. This wisdom seems to have solved ‘the burthen of the mystery’ in such solemn lines:

“The conquest completes

in the non-become surrender,

for to become

is to become false

to be is just to be.” ( p. 49).

“I am a dot

in the silence

of the wise.” ( p. 57 ).

Qadri describing himself as “ a dot \ in the silence” leaves no doubt in my mind that he is influenced by Nada yoga and techniques of meditation emphasizing the great significance of “a dot” or pause during inhaling and exhaling the breath.

Sohan Qadri was born in Punjab, India 2nd November 1932; lived & worked (painting) in Zurich & Paris; held over 40 one-man shows in important galleries in several countries; Award in painting – Lalit Kala Academy (India); several interviews on National & International Radio & TV; conducts International Workshops on Aesthetics & Metaphysics.

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The Jesus I Knew


I thank God for the honesty and virility of Jesus religion which makes us face the facts and calls us to take a man’s part in the real battle of life.
Henry Van Dyke

for Eugene aronsky, Evalynn J. Saeyang, Rene Allen, Lisa Frost


Shielding eyes with His grace
Staying close to Him
Disarm angry devil
Stolen by Satan
With Jesus


Unlocked gate:
A few deep breaths with Prayer
Reaching the top
Casting off mud
Forgetting scratch marks
Starting at zero
I pray


twin towers fell
Ocean of tears
Breach in nature
Boundless darkness.
Refilling the mind with
Ten Commandments
Shanti Shanti*
Golden age revisits the earth


Shanti is Peace that transcends understanding.

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Principles & Practice of ICD-10 Coding:The Battle Against Disease



(Principles & Practice of  ICD-10 Coding by Dr. Dhirendra Verma & Dr. Ali Mohamed EI-Sayed, Rochak Publishing, India 2008, pp. 243 $ 29 Hardback, ISBN: 978-81-903812-2-2) 

Dr. Dhirendra Verma and Dr. Ali M. EI-Sayed in the Preface  point out  that disease classification and coding is the principal tool used by medical records personnel to understand the patient’s total situation. No doubt, this comprehensive guidebook on International Classification of Diseases ( ICD-10 Coding)  with detailed explanations, suitable examples and appropriate coding exercises is indispensable for doctors and medical records personnel for better comprehension.

Both authors have a wide experience as they have organized training programmes and workshops on ICD in Kuwait and other countries during the past 25 years. In the study of illness and death, the statistics generated by Disease Coding “contributes to better management of  health care”.

        The authors rightly say that these medical statistics are very useful for “clinics & hospitals, offices of vital & health statistics, medical records offices, social welfare and insurance organizations, health surveys, World Health Organization, and numerous other agencies”. By Disease Coding, we can hope to effectively cure different ailments and diseases afflicting an increasingly large number of people. How will this be done? 

The answer is quite clear. We would be able to know the full history of the patient’s disease with the help of record retrieval created by Disease Coding. The doctors in future may have correct answers to all diseases as they have full record of the patient’s disease. The writers aptly clarify with an illustration. “An example would be hypertensive renal disease.  Suitable coding would allow all relevant cases of this condition to be identified quickly and effectively”.

Another example is from Morbidity Coding. The term morbidity includes ailments and injuries. Morbidity data is collected from hospital records, school health records, armed services records, and health surveys. Such data will provide clues to the disease, and the decisions can be easily made about preventive measures.

Every person-regardless of station, race, or creed has the right to proper medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health. ICD-Coding by revealing the patient’s total situation will be of  great help in achieving our goal of  human happiness and well-being. 

This is one of the most brilliant books written about health care with practice of  ICD-10 Coding. This will prove to be one of the most influential books of contemporary times in the field of health care with its great emphasis on retrieving record of the patient’s disease wth the help of ICD-10 Coding. There is not much doubt in my mind that in future by this action and technique of Disease Coding the incurable diseases like cancer and AIDS may be fully controlled.

Realizing the great importance of Disease Coding in creating a world free from diseases and ailments, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has proposed new code sets to be used for reporting diagnoses and procedures on health care transactions. Under the proposal, the ICD-9-CM code sets would be replaced with the ICD-10 code sets, effective October 1, 2013. 

For a good many years, the healthcare managers, medical records aministrators and  doctors will  remember this  illuminating book. This is an indispensable book for them.

-Santosh Kumar

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